Todayʼs topic is regarding feline kidney failure…

Once a part of the kidney tissue is damaged, it will never go back to its original condition even with treatment.

If kidney failure progresses, numerous symptoms start to show. Unable to excrete waste matters, the body falls into uremia which can lead to death so caution is necessary.

The kidney is also known as the “silent organ”. Symptoms usually donʼt start to show until over 60 to 70 percent of the organ tissue is destroyed, and abnormal numbers may not be found in the blood test.

In order to help reduce the suffering of pet owners and cats with kidney disease, at our hospital we are recommending a testing that allows early detection of kidney disease which includes categories such as SDMA, UPC, and UAC. (Since onset of the illness is widely seen in senior cats, we highly recommend this testing to older cats.)

There are datas that mention kidney disease was detected 17months early with the SDMA testing. We recommend that you consider this testing as part of the health examination.

Our usual price for overall body screening test including SDMA, UPC, UAC testing is 15,000yen (plus tax), but for our hospital opening campaign we are now offering this testing for 10,000yen (plus tax). We hope that you take this opportunity to care for your beloved cat(s) 🙂