Protect your important pet(s) from illness.
Protect your important pet(s) from illness.
fleas / ticksfleas / ticks
Illness and injuryIllness and injury
Applicable Animals
Please give us a call for other small animals such as rabbit, hedgehog, ferret, etc.

Medical Care

Chubu Animal Medical Center

Address 5 Chome-19-2 Matsumoto, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa-ken 904-2151  MAP
Access 7 min drive from Gate2 Kadena/ 5 min drive from Gate3 Kadena
1 minute from the Ikentou Bus-stop.
Parking area 12
Animal insurance アニコム損害保険株式会社 / アイペット損害保険
Credit Card accepted
Office Hours Mon Tue Wed The Fri Sat Sun
10:00 - 13:00

Message from the Director of Animal Medical Center


In my daily examinations, I always try to keep in mind to understand the pet ownerʼs perspective as well as the animals`. As a pet owner of 2 cats myself, I also worry when I think about what if something were to happen to them. When your beloved pet(s) become ill or injured, what kind of hospital can provide peace of mind and certainty?
It is our desire and hope to provide a place of security as well as offering our best possible solution.
We will strive to do our best, and we hope that we can gain your trust by doing so.
Thank you.

Director Yohei Ogawa
February 1st, 2019


By minimizing contact between dogs and cats, we will help to reduce the animals` stress.

At our hospital, we offer separate waiting rooms and examination rooms for dogs and cats in order to help reduce the animals` stress.

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