Notice Regarding Spay/Neuter Surgery for Dogs and Cats (Price change involved)

Greetings. This is Chubu Animal Medical Center.

Now entering April, temperatures are rising with longer duration of sunlight.

Cats normally begin their heat cycle starting from spring til summer, so an early spay/neuter surgery is recommended.

At our hospital, we recommend both dogs and cats to be spayed/neutered at the age of 6 months.
There are certain diseases that can be prevented by having the surgery; please feel free to ask us for further information.

Furthermore, we at Chubu Animal Medical Center take safety as a main priority. Dogs and cats are not able to speak. No matter how active they may seem, it is not uncommon for abnormalities to be found at the time of pre-operative testing.

There is no 100% safe surgery, but we are constantly considering how to make the safety percentage as close to 100%.
In addition to the current pre operative testing, we are striving for a more safe surgery by widening the testing categories.

Starting May 1, 2023~
(Includes testing, surgery, prescription)
Testing content
Blood Test (Complete Blood Count, Blood Biochemistry, Electrolytes, Blood Coagulation Test, C-Reactive Protein Blood Test)
Diagnostic Imaging X-Ray Testing

•Neuter (For dogs, prices will vary depending on body weight)
Dog • Cat Starting from 40,000yen ~

•Spay (For dogs, prices will vary depending on body weight)
Dog • Cat Starting from 45,000yen ~

Chubu Animal Medical Center Staff