Hospital Introduction

Chubu Animal Medical Center celebrates its 3rd anniversary

Thanks to you, Chubu Animal Medical Center has celebrated its third year of operation.
I feel that this is also thanks to the owner who attends our hospital.
Nowadays, the number of migrants and US military base workers from the main island is increasing, and all the staff will work hard to provide even more polite and smooth medical care.
And humbly thank you.


About 6 minutes by car from Okinawa Kita IC About 6 minutes by car from Okinawa Minami IC.
It is a 1-minute walk from the Ikento bus stop. The green sign is a landmark.
  • Exterior


  • Parking

    Parking lot for 12 generations. Large dogs are also available.

Hospital scenery

  • Waiting room ①

  • Waiting room ②

  • There is a waiting room for cats in the back.

  • Waiting room for cats

  • We have a water server.

  • We support automatic payment machines and various cashless payments to ensure smooth accounting and social distance.

  • Examination room ①

    The adjustable examination table makes it easy to get on and off large dogs.

  • Examination room ②

    We have implemented measures to prevent cats from escaping above all rooms in the hospital.

Treatment image

  • On behalf of animals that cannot speak, I try to give a convincing explanation to the owner.

  • It is an X-ray shooting scenery.

  • It is an ultrasonic examination.

  • It is the scenery of the operating room.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    All the staff will answer the contents that are difficult to ask the veterinarian, the contents related to care, and the cost consultation.


It is a backyard in the hospital.

  • Backyard ①

  • Backyard ②

  • This is a medicine rack, and we will dispense it here.

  • We always hold in-hospital conferences. You can prevent mistakes by sharing information not only with your doctor but also within the hospital.

Equipment introduction

  • Examination table

    Weigh yourself at the time of the examination. Since the height can be adjusted, it can be used for large dogs. There are a total of 4 dogs and cats in the examination room.

  • Body fat measuring instrument

    Measure the body fat of animals.

  • microscope

    It stains cells and blood to check for parasites in the stool.

  • Whole blood blood cell calculator

    It measures the number of red blood cells and white blood cells, and confirms inflammation, anemia, dehydration, etc. in a short time.

  • Blood biochemical measuring machine

    Blood proteins, sugars, electrolytes, enzymes, etc. are measured to check for abnormalities in organs throughout the body such as the liver and kidneys.

  • Ultrasonography machine (echo)

    Ultrasound is used to inspect the internal organs and heart of the body. It is safe because it is harmless to the animal body.

  • X-ray machine

    X-rays of the animal body are taken, digitized, and the images are checked and adjusted.

  • Endoscope

    If you accidentally eat a foreign substance, you can remove it without opening your stomach. You can also inspect the esophagus, stomach, and intestines for any abnormalities.

  • Infusion machine (infusion pump)

    Infusion by intravenous drip is performed automatically. You can adjust the infusion.

  • Syringe pump (trace drip machine)

    It is used when infusing small animals or administering small amounts of drugs.

  • ICU(Intensive Care Unit)

    Room temperature, humidity, and oxygen level is controlled and maintained for 24hrs. Used mainly for post surgery recovery and also for emergency animal patients who are in critical need of oxygen.

  • From the top, electrocardiograph, ventilator, anesthesia machine

    Maintain anesthesia during surgery and give artificial respiration if necessary to monitor general condition.

  • Electric knife

    The heat of electricity is used to cut the tissue during surgery. It also coagulates blood, so safe surgery is possible.

  • Scaler

    The vibration of ultrasonic waves removes tartar and dirt attached to the teeth.

  • Polisher

    After scaling, brushing the tooth surface prevents tartar from reattaching.

  • Sealing System

    The vessel sealing system is a surgical equipment that allows the vessel to stop bleeding and detach without the use of surgical sutures. Rather than ligating with sutures, this equipment helps to drastically reduce the surgery time.
    Also suited for surgeries such as intraabdominal tumor removal which often times requires multiple ligation during the operation, and by not using surgical sutures, it also helps to eliminate any adverse reaction to the surgical sutures.


    In addition to our standard blood test equipment, the Fuji DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AU10V allows an early detection of hormone disorders, which increases with the animal aging.
    Testings that required 3-4days for us to receive results can now be achieved in just 15min with the use of this equipment. Categories such as thyroid hormone, adrenal cortical hormone, bile acid, SAA (Serum Amyloid A), and progesterone can be tested.
    We are striving to understand our animal patients’ conditions as early as possible.